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Oren Island Moon Bodice

The Moon Bodice may be worn by female Monks who have gained forty-one or more Insights. This garb extends protection to the entire leg as needed with intermediate Monk skills.

The Plain Moon Bodice is crafted by the Mundanes with trigonelle, spirulina and capsic bark. The Loures variant is dyed with angelica, capsic back, spirulina and bittersweet. The Rucesion variant is dyed with hyssop, paola nut and capsic bark. The Mileth variant is dyed with bittersweet, paola nut, and chicory. The Suomi variant is dyed with hyssop and capsic bark.

Loures dyes are available from the Piet higgler. Suomi dyes are available from the Suomi smith. Rucesion dyes are available from the Rucesion higgler. Mileth dyes are available from the Mileth higgler. The Oren Moon Bodice can be bought ready-made on Oren Island.

Dyeing a garment requires two Aislings: one with Tailoring ability and a second who is a respected citizen. All dyeing uses up an Aisling's limited time, and higher insight armors may require a full day's labor.