Hair Dyes

Here are the recipes for the various hair color essences, in the order they are presented by the Mundanes:

To prepare a hair dye, mix one part color essence to one part rum and one part spring water. The rum sets the color while the water distributes it evenly. Hair dyes may be applied at the higglers in Mileth and Rucesion. Labour is required from both the Rogue preparing and applying the dye, and the aisling whose hair is being transformed.

The dyes may be grouped by base color, depending upon which base color ingredient is present in the largest amount.

The paola nut dyes are Gold (paola nut) and Cyan (paola nut and bittersweet).

The trigonelle dyes are Lavender (trigonelle) and Violet (trigonelle and spirulina).

The angelica dyes are Blueberry (angelica) and Night (angelica and capsic bark).

The bittersweet dyes are Evergreen (bittersweet) and Mustard Seed (bittersweet and paola nut).

The hyssop dyes are Auburn (hyssop and paola nut) and Strawberry (hyssop and spirulina).

The chicory dyes are Brown (chicory) and Copper (chicory, paola nut, and hyssop).

The capsic bark dyes are Black (capsic bark) and Grey (capsic bark, angelica and spirulina).

Since the discovery of the continent of Medenia, the following new dyes are available, no doubt product of the new herbs discovered in that country.

pink hair
silver hair, modeled by Vamistle
tan hairdye