Good Sinash


Female Druid Armors

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The Good Sinash may be worn by male Druids who have gained one or more Abilities. As male Druids have a choice of three wereforms, the loose constuction of leather pants and loin cloth enable easy form-change without destroying the outfit. This armor can be found at the Asilon Armory on the continent of Medenia.

To become a Druid, the first thing necessary is to be a master Monk, with all 4 creant quests completed. When advancing to become a Druid, the Aisling must sacrifice his master equipment, and his grand master equipment. As well as much of the experience he has gained so far, along with some health and mana power.

Very detailed information on the new paths can be found in the Library, for priests at Kayson's Site for Priests and for gladiators at Vamistle's The Warrior.