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The Plate Mail may be worn by male Warriors who have gained eighty-six or more Insights. This armor is constructed of handcrafted hollow steel embossed with color and traced with precious metals.

The Plain Plate Mail is crafted by the Dwarf who lives within the crypts in Abel ((5-2)) with bittersweet and spirulina. It requires a full day's labor and Respected Citizen status - the male Warrior who wants it must have at least eighty-six insights and he must bring twelve emerald rings.

The Suomi variant is dyed with hyssop and spirulina. The Rucesion variant is dyed with capsic bark and spirulina. The Loures variant is dyed with angelica and spirulina. The Mileth variant is dyed with hyssop, paola nut and spirulina.

Loures dyes are available from the Piet higgler. Suomi dyes are available from the Suomi smith. Rucesion dyes are available from the Rucesion higgler. Mileth dyes are available from the Mileth higgler. There is no Oren dye for this armor.

Dyeing a garment requires two Aislings: one with Tailoring ability and a second who is a respected citizen. All dyeing uses up an Aisling's limited time, and higher insight armors may require a full day's labor.