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On the occasion of the King of Oren Island's Ball, new ball attire has become available in a shop on Oren Island: you will be able to keep your gowns even after the ball, and it has been announced that the tailor shop who sells the garb will be opened to the general public after the mundane balls have ended. This however has not yet come to pass: Only at the last Mileth Fair was another booth opened and new color dyes available for the males and females.

A certainty is the necessity of showing your invitation to the tailor, otherwise it is impossible to bespeak one of these exquisit creations for males and females. The cost for a single outfit- whether male or female is 150.000 coins. As far as is known, Aislings can buy more than one.

formal gown, modelled by Lyndsee
Maroon polonaise, modelled by Katastrophe
pinafore and sun bonnet, modelled by Guinivere
polonaise, modelled by Guinivere
Blue Polonaise, on sale at Mileth Fair
Green Pinafore Set, Mileth Fair Sale
yellow pinafore set, Mileth Fair Sale
formal frock, modelled by Gaut
Formal frock red
vest coat and vest cap, modelled by Gaut
formal surcoat, modelled by Gaut
green vest coat and cap, Mileth Fair Sale